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Josefin Lassbo

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13/11 18:00

At this event you have the opportunity to experience a life changing story about our friend Josefin Lassbo and her company Reflective Circle International. The story how she went from standing at New York Motorshow 2008 and showcasing the ecologic success within the car industry. How she in 3 months went from having General Motors (GM) as her most important customer to losing them when GM went bankrupt.

You as a guest to this event have a really interesting story too look forward that will give true insight to the daily life for many entrepreneurs. A journey in setbacks and successes.
We gladly invite you to this evening where you get the chance to learn and get inspired by Josefin’s story.

Starting out as a fashion designer Josefin turned into a colorful entrepreneur that run her company from a sustainable perspective. 2009 she got the award as Business Rookie of the Year by Företagarna and Business Region Göteborg for her ability to combine fashion with ecology. With the setbacks and successes she collected her experiences in the book: Management för hållbar utveckling och personligt ledarskap, that was released during the fall 2013.

Today she work togheter with Christina Östergren and Else-Marie Malmek in the company
Juteborg AB. They have embraised the challenge to bring the material Jute, worlds most durable natural fiber, from the plantations of Bangladesh to the companies within Construction, Textile and Automotive industry of the western world.

Chalmers Innovation, Holtermansgatan 1 411 29 Gothenburg
18:00 Networking and Food
19:00 Fireside Chat, Swedish Fika, Q&A
21:00 Networking and Drinks

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