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25/9 18:00

Last time we went to space. This time we will focus on Nordic innovation on a global market.

On Thursday September 25th, Startup Grind’s founder Derek Andersen, is paying Stockholm a visit to interview the energetic serial entrepreneur and mathematical wonder child John Elevesjo, co-founder and CTO of world leading eye tracking technology company Tobii.

Join us for a fireside chat where Derek will guide us through a conversation on the competitive edge of Nordic innovation and invites John to share his hard won experiences on how to commercialize hi-tech research, how to fast and steady grow a global startup out of Stockholm, how to charm venture capital, and build a corporate culture that attracts top talent from all over the world.

Bygget, Norrlandsgatan 11, Stockholm
18:00 Networking and Food
19:00 Fireside Chat, Swedish Fika, Q&A
21:00 Networking and Drinks


26/9 18:00

- What does it take to build at strong sustainable community?

To stimulate the rapid growth of our startup-community we are proud to invite you to the first Startup Grind event this season focused on this theme.
We’ve invited the the founder of Startup Grind all the way from Silicon Valley to interview one of the minds behind Sandbox, Jumpstarter and YEoS, Per Jonsson around this theme.

Take the opportunity to meet the founder of Startup Grind, Derek Andersen, interviewing one of the minds behind Sandbox, Jumpstarter & YEoS, Per Jonsson. This will be an awesome meeting between two great global community builders.
We’re arranging this event to stimulate even further the rapid growth of the startup-community here in Gothenburg.

Lindholmen Science Park, Lindholmspiren 5, Gothenburg
18:00 Networking and Food
19:00 Fireside Chat, Swedish Fika, Q&A
21:00 Networking and Drinks

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Derek Andersen (Founder Startup Grind)

Derek Andersen is the founder and CEO of Startup Grind, a global community that is powered by Google for Entrepreneurs designed to educate, mentor, and connect entrepreneurs. Founded in 2010 from humble beginnings with only 9 people attending his first event, 4 years later Startup Grind has grown to more than 100 cities, in 42 countries around the world.
He is also Ex-Electronic Arts where he worked on games like Burnout, Mirror’s Edge, The Sims, and Need For Speed. Having spent 8-years living outside the United States, he currently lives in Palo Alto California with his wife and three children.
Derek has been featured on Forbes, Tech Crunch, and The Wall St Journal.

Per Jonsson (Founder Jumpstarter, Sandbox, YEoS)

When Per was ten years old he was told he was great with computers.
From that day on they became his life and they got used in everything from play to work.

I used them to write code, I used them to design things and I built entire companies based on them.

Later on he found his mission in life: to create and nurture meaningful conversations. “The conversations that challenge us emotionally and intellectually and make us grow as individuals.”
Today all Pers work starts with a single question: how can we make people thrive and not just survive? He is engaged in businesses that turn this very question into concrete action.

John Elvesjö (Founder Tobii)

As co-founder and chief technology officer of Tobii Technology, John Elvesjö serves as the primary research and development director of the company. Elvesjö is an accomplished scientist and entrepreneur whose significant work in eye-tracking technology has been the bedrock of Tobii. His contributions, well documented in many research publications, have influenced the world of science in ways that are still yet to be known. Elvesjö holds 15 patents, 13 related to Tobii’s hardware and software innovations, including sensor technology, illumination methods and eye-control interaction techniques, that contribute to Tobii’s global superiority in eye-tracking technology advancements and reliability. Prior to beginning his role at Tobii, Elvesjö served as a researcher at the YKI Institute for Surface Chemistry at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and also founded Jensen Technology, a company he spun off from his research compiled at YKI. In 2008, he was named the IT Innovator of the Year, and in 2005 he received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Elvesjö studied engineering physics at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

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Each month we welcome an amazing speaker who shares their story with our community and tells us what worked, what didn’t, and what they’ll do differently next time. They talk about the rough times and the celebrations. It’s an amazing opportunity to learn from the best, network with other members of the startup community, and improve your chances of entrepreneurial success.







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