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Startup Grind with Palle Stenberg (Nudie Jeans)


There is a way to make money and at the same time take responsibility

In 2014 he was voted Entrepreneur Of The Year by EY, he is a person who is not afraid to speak his mind, he loves his city and knows how to successfully drive his company and at the same time be environmentally and socially responsible.

He has his heart in the city of Gothenburg and that is where his company’s headquarters are located. His name is Palle Stenberg and he is the CEO of Nudie Jeans.

When Nudie released their first collection in 2002 they sold out the entire line within a record time of 24 hours! During the first three years Nudie’s turnover doubled every quarter.

Today Nudie jeans are sold in almost 30 countries.
In an interview Palle says, it is the people that make up the company, and he is very proud of the
people working for Nudie as he is of the values the company represents. He says that already from
the start they believed there is a way to make money and at the same time take corporate social responsibility.

We want everyone working for us to be feeling well, and we want to make jeans in a way that does not compromise the environment. Therefore Nudie only uses ecological cotton and keeps a track of their factories making sure no hazardous material is released to the environment.

When he won the Entrepreneur of the year award in 2014 by EY, the nomination said; (text is

The winner this year is an enthusiastic inspirer that trough his and his company’s values as a base, affect his industry but even society in general. Social and environmental care has been a ground stone in their business idea already from start and it has favored their economic business growth. With an irrepressible will to keep spreading his “religion” we assume that the winner this year will not be one of the world’s best kept secrets in the future.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015



18-19 Mingle & food
19-21 Interview with coffee break
21-22 Mingle

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